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Complimented By These Words.....

It was pointed out to the Dave Man on Twitter, that Anthony (formerly of The Opie & Anthony Show and now of The Anthony Cumia Show) had very kind words to say about me.  He stated on a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" that I am "one of the most talented person(s) on the radio."  See the Tweet on the picture in this post for the whole quote.  Anyway, I wanted to say that I'm very complimented.  I'm extremely happy to be working for WRAT, 95.9 The Rat (the radio station that I've ALWAYS loved), but nonetheless the nice words from Anthony make me feel good.  Appreciated!  Anyway, check out Carl & Dave on 95.9 The Rat each weekday at 6 AM (EST)!!  Go to!!  Peace!!

- "East Side" Dave