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The Final Episodes Of The Legendary Davey Mac Sports Program & The Watchers Are NOW Up!

Ah,'s the Series Finales, if you will, of the legendary Davey Mac Sports Program and The Watchers!  And both shows can be found on this site!  First up, the last hoorah for our monthly, movie show...The Watchers...where we devote the special to the new Star Wars movie and to saying goodbye!  Listen NOW in The Watchers section on this site!

And when you're finished with that awesomeness, tune in to the show that begat all of the insanity, the award-winning Davey Mac Sports Program!  It's the FINAL EPISODE of the GREATEST, online, sports, radio show ever.  We bid a fond farewell!  Hear it in the DMSP Player section on this site!

And THANK YOU for the years of support!  We appreciate you immensely!  We'll see you on January 12th at 7 PM (EST) on the Anthony Cumia Network!  'Til we meet again!

- East Side Dave