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"Tickets I Must Have"...A Star Wars Story

I am so excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets coming out tonight that I actually went to the Monmouth Mall AMC Movie Theater and tried to purchase them a good, five hours before they're actually on sale.  The husky, curly-haired, young man behind the counter looked a little frightened as I had a bad case of the Rabid Star Wars Fan Eyes.   He informed me that they would be ready to be picked up around 9:30 (EST)...and that I could come back.  I thanked the youngster and proceeded to run to the Disney Store like a red-headed Sith lunatic, grabbed the Kylo Ren lightsaber, and began swinging it around until I fake Force-Choked various Disney stuffed animals and left.  Life is good, Star Wars fans.  Real good.

- East Side Dave

 East Side Dave And Son (Clearly Concerned For Dad's Mental Stability).