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A New Episode Of The Davey Mac Sports Program Is NOW Up!

Welcome to the Jungle, baby!  A brand, new episode of this week's award-winning Davey Mac Sports Program is NOW up in the DMSP Player section on this site!  We do LIVE commentary with one of the GREATEST, most INSANE, and most EPIC innings in baseball history...the instant-classic Seventh Inning during Game 5 between the Blue Jays and Rangers; plus we discuss the Cubs beating the Cardinals, the Mets Vs. the Dodgers, the Astro's Vs. the Royals, and other MLB Postseason Craziness; Lamar Odom, the NFL, crazy people, Star Wars Rebels, chickens, special guest Jimmy Failla, Flutesy, Dave and MORE!  Listen now in the the DMSP Player section on this site!  And subscribe on iTunes