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This Morning.......The Dave Man Brings The Pain.

I'm not here to screw around on the radio.  Well...ok...that actually is exactly why I'm here.  Nonetheless, it's commonly known throughout the land that "East Side" Dave McDonald is the greatest ultimate fighter in the universe.  I once put an arm bar on my mom and snapped the thing in two the way a 74-year-old woman's arm would break if someone put a wrestling move on it.  I'm tough, dawg.  One time, I walked into 7-11, filled up my Slurpee cup, drank about a quarter of it, and then refilled the cup with more Slurpee without asking.  Face.  Thus, listen to the world's hero, Davey Mac, along with Carl Craft and Gotts, weekdays at 6 AM (EST) on New Jersey's legendary WRAT 95.9 FM.  Listen to the show online at or the free WRAT app!!  Now, I have to get back to my training.  I'm planning on putting my 75-year-old dad in a headlock this afternoon.  Good day, America.

- East Side Dave