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RIP, Stuart Scott!

ESPN's Stuart Scott died over the weekend at the age of 49.  Scott made his name as an anchor for ESPN's premier show, SportsCenter, and as co-host of the Monday Night Football pre-show, Monday Night Countdown.  Scott had his detractors.....but still left a large and impressive enough television footprint that he was parodied on Saturday Night Live.  That stooge Neil Everett can't say that...who, in my opinion, sucks the big elephant dick.  Nor did he lay his hands on ME, "East Side" Dave McDonald, the way Chris Berman did after the Giants won the Super Bowl and I drunkenly asked Berman to pose for a selfie by grabbing his neck.  I'm sure Stuart Scott would have never told me to "Get your fucking hands off me" the way Mr. Berman so rudely insisted.  Anyway, RIP Stu!      - Davey Mac