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Snowmageddon 2015 - Hoth on Earth

It's gonna snow like a mofo today, tonight, tomorrow, AND tomorrow night, homies.  That means we are getting a full-on blizzard, people.  And for some reason, the name of this winter storm is being called "Juno".  What the?!?!  Juno was a ridiculous and over-rated film about some pregnant teen who couldn't get rid of that damned, snarky attitude to save her glib life.  I suggest calling it Winter Storm Tauntaun.  And THAT'S why I'm an idea man, dogsie.  Listen to WRAT 95.9 FM on the or the free WRAT app for Hoth-like updates!!  And watch out for Imperial probe droids and AT-AT Walkers!!  May the Dave be with you!!