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The Academy Award Nominations Are In! Four-Word Reviews Follow!

Here are the films that have been nominated for Best Picture and my four-word review on each.

Birdman - Excellent and thoughtful film.

Boyhood - Glorious piece of Shite.

Selma - Never heard of it.

The Theory of Everything - Too vague a title.

The Imitation Game - Hopefully about Rich Little.

American Sniper - Very, good, violent flick.

Whiplash - Plan on seeing it.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - Possibly greatest movie ever.

Editorial notes:  Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal should have been nominated.  This is bull shit.  Furthermore, both critics and audiences LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy, I know it's a silly sci-fi/comedy/adventure.....but it was GREAT, and deserved to be nominated.  The Academy dropped the ball on both of those.  And where's Inherent Vice?  Come on, mang.  Shit, homie, if Budapest Hotel does not win the Oscar for Best Picture, I'm suing the Planet Earth.  Good Day.

- Non-respected film critic "East Side" Dave McDonald