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This week's dominant episode of the award-winning Davey Mac Sports Program is NOW available!

Listen up, ladies and jawas. This week’s extremely pleasurable, if not downright enjoyable episode of the award-winning*  Davey Mac Sports Program is NOW up on this site in the DMSP Player section!  Hear the brilliance today!!  Or, listen to the show on our page at!  The guys talk about: Dave's new excellent job as co-host of the morning show on New Jersey's legendary WRAT 95.9 FM, the NFL in crisis, Adrian Peterson, Dave's mom pulling antics (plus, we re-visit her voice message to the Dave Man), Pepper ate a bad sandwich, MLB season winding down, pigs, Roy Shaffer's son is gonna become a champion, Sean O has gotten taller, and MORE!  Enjoy the Davey Mac Sports Program right NOW by going to the DMSP Player section!!  BAM!!!

* BEST in SHOW - iTunes Editorial Team