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Thanks to 95.9 The RAT for a great time last week!!

The Dave Man, who apparently would like to talk about himself in the third person in this article, would love to thank 95.9 The RAT for having me in all last week (Aug. 4 - 8) to co-host with the excellent Carl Craft on the Morning Rat Race!!  It was a damned blast!!  The only thing that would have made it even more fun is if I wasn't wearing pants........ok, got me......I actually wasn't wearing pants.  But I was adorning one of those fashionable Adam & Eve leaf outfits that made me as cozy as a duck sleeping in my bed!  Anyway, thanks again to the RAT and Carl Craft and Greater Media, I had an awesome time!  Check out 95.9 The RAT's site by clicking here!  Peace!!

- Davey Mac