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Beast of the Week - East Side Davey MacDonald!!!

That's right, Mommy & Daddy!!  Not only did I work my full-time job in Red Bank, New Jersey, but I also churned out a dominant Davey Mac Sports Program episode, AND had an absolute blast contributing all week to one of the premier rock station's in America, WRAT 95.9 The Rat!  I am one mother-fucking beast of a week, homies.  Hear my ass roar.  LIterally.  My ass has been "roaring" for the last 72 hours.  I think I may have to see a doctor.  Anyway, hope you had a week as fun as I did!  And as a result, we're ALL receiving a not-very-prestigious Davey Award.  That means YOU, too!  BAM!!  Print this image and then show it off to your neighbors and co-workers who more than likely will not be impressed!!  Talk to you later.......WINNERS!!!