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Fred Savage Vs. Stephen A. Smith Vs. Dave McDonald

If you follow my glorious Twitter account (, you'll notice that I sometimes enjoy prodding various celebrities.  Recently, I noticed that The Wonder Years' s Fred Savage was going hard after ESPN's opinionated windbag, Stephen A. Smith.  Smith had implied that sometimes it is the fault of the woman in wife-beating cases.  Mr. Savage took exception to this.  What did celebrated columnist "East Side" Dave McDonald do?  He wrote this tweet:

The point in showing you that inspiring tweet was to demonstrate that, in fact, I am one of the great peace-brokers of our time.  Fred Savage and Stephen A. Smith know it.  And now you know it.  If there is a truce to be made, Davey Mac is on the case.  I mean, don't trust me with anything important.  I shan't be headed over to the Middle East any time soon.  I prefer to do my peace-brokering with third-rate sportswriters and former kid actors.  If only Mike Lupica and Screech could get into a fight...that'd be the Greatest Day Of My Fucking Life.  Adios!!