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Radio Hosts Are Insane And That Is A Good Thing.

   When will faceless corporations, media critics, dopey HR stooges, etc. understand one important thing when it comes to radio - normal, politically correct, by-the-book people and/or celebrities make for the SHITTIEST talk show hosts.

   The reason is simple - radio is immediate and often confessional, and the best hosts are those who say or tweet whatever comes to the top of their heads, no matter how pretty or ugly it may be.  Celebrities and hosts who have everything going their way usually have NOTHING to say.  Their lives are unfolding swimmingly...why would they fuck that up by stating something interesting that could be deemed "controversial"?   

  When are the people in power going to understand that the best on-air personalities truly are unique individuals?  Unfortunately, too often the game of "showbiz" is run by a few unimaginative bores who don't comprehend how the creative mind works.  Oh, well.

   If we are not careful, in the future, the medium of radio could become just a pathetic group of uncreative dullards simply reading the copy that is given to them by some non-thinking idiot wearing a suit.  I hope I am wrong.

- Davey Mac, American Genius