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A Classy Message To ESPN: The ESPY's Sucks Farts.

     ESPN's Chris Berman and his hero- Dave McDonald                          

It's true, ESPN.  You should re-name it the ASSY's.  Having an awards show that YOU invented for the reason of celebrating YOUR television station is preposterously arrogant and self-congratulatory.  We already have awards-winners in sports: they're the guys who at the end of the season have won the awards given to them by their actual fucking sport!!!!!!   And how can you have a "Best Team" category?  Yes, I'm sure the Seahawks are better than the fucking FOOTBALL!!!!  Turn that shit around and get some hoops going and I doubt that short bastard Russell Wilson will score more than six points!!  Hey, ESPY's, go screw a duck!!!  This has been a message from America's Journalist and Editorialist - David "What's That Brown Stain Doing There" McDonald.