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Let's face it...Fredo Corleone sucked.

                                           Dave-o Corleone

     I'm sorry, but it's true.  Fredo stunk.  Long before that pinhead for a Corleone son couldn't control his slut-bag of a wife at Michael's son's communion party in Part II.  And way before he stupidly betrayed Michael (his own damned brother, for Pete's sake) because he couldn't keep his mouth shut.  And even before he stuck up for that soon-to-be one-eyed piece of shit, Moe Green, over his own damned family, let's not forget one important Fredo Corleone moment.  He was acting as his aging dad's driver/security guy (though I'm pretty sure Verne Troyer would have been a better bodyguard) when his father (Vito Corleone) was shot by some Mafia thugs while the old man was simply trying to buy some God-Damned oranges.  And what did Fredo do?  He got out of the car and dropped the fucking gun.  Then he sat on the curb like an idiot and screamed "PAPA!!!" over and over again.  Hey, Fredo, your dad's still breathing!!!  How about calling 9-1-1, you fucking dumbski?!?!