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A brand new dominant Davey Mac Sports Program episode is NOW up!

                           The Dave Terminator is here to save us all.

     I would lie to you....but I just can't do it.  I care too much for you.  As a result, I am informing you that, yes, indeed this week's episode of the award-winning* Davey Mac Sports Program is NOW available on this site in the DMSP PLAYER section and/or our professional online radio network-!  And make sure you're subscribing to the audio brilliance on iTunes!  The guys perform a mini-rock concert that makes the Rolling Stones look like old robots powered by feces!  We musically crush it so hard that even Paul McCartney said, "I'm afraid of Dave.  I think I saw him sniffing old shoes of mine that I had thrown away in the garbage."  Enjoy the BEST show anywhere - the Davey Mac Sports Program!  BAM!!!

* BEST in Show:  iTunes Editorial Team

* Best New Show:

* What's Hot Award:  iTunes Preview Channel