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It's that great time of the month! New episodes of the Davey Mac Sports Program AND The Watchers are now available!!

"What. To the what." - William Shakespeare

That's right, ladies and gentlemen!!  Guess what?  It's a wonderful day of two online radio shows for the price of FREE!  First up, the award-winning Davey Mac Sports Program is now available here in ESD Country in the DMSP Player section and/or and/or iTunes!  Listen to the greatest musical medley about hernia's and health insurance ever put to recorded record, hear the insanity of the NBA Finals, witness the fright as Dave blows up at the end of the show!  It's the Davey Mac Sports Program!!

                                    Davey Mac - Living with a hernia?

Then, just when you were pretty sure that life couldn't get any better, our hit movie show, The Watchers, is ready to be rocked and rolled by YOU in The Watchers section here on ESD Country or iTunes!!  Things get heated as we attempt to discuss Summer movies, Star Wars & Indy gossip, Maleficent, and more!!  We are.......The Watchers!

Thanks for the support, homies!!    My love goes to YOU!