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Programming Note: NO Davey Mac Sports Program this week. Back on the 13th!!

                 East Side Davey Mac - He wears plaid at hospitals.

That is correct.  I've had to have a medical procedure and the doctors demand that I recuperate this week and not take the bus into New York City in order to perform the official "Greatest Sports Show Of All Time"- the Davey Mac Sports Program.  What was the procedure?  I can't tell you that, except that it required me to go under anesthesia and when I awoke, someone had taped a rubber dildo to my nose as a joke.  That's the last time I go to St. Carrot Top's Memorial Hospital.  Anyway, our dominant show SHALL be back, Tuesday, April 13th!!!  Join us!!  And to listen to Pepper's strange Programming Note announcement (5/7/14), click HERE!!!  See you next week!!!

-Dave McDonald (aka "East Side" Dave aka Davey Mac aka The Champion of the Universe)