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May The Dave Be With You! Stars Wars Art with Davey Mac!

I realize I have a lot of East Side Davey Mac Star Wars pics in my vast Important Historical Photographs of the Great Dave McDonald National Museum and realize here's a few I can share.  Enjoy the shit out of them!!!!

                                   Yoda Family- Chuck, Maureen, Marty & David

    East Side Dave: Shitty Jedi Knight, shitty action figure.

            Jedi Davey Mac shortly before decapitating Sith Lord and NFL MVP Adrian Peterson

                       Left to Right: Mark Hammill, Carrie Fisher, some Shmizbo, Dave McDonald- all drunk

                                    What the fuck is going on here?

                                                Davey Mac - His impending death is due to him forgetting his Stormtrooper helmet.

                                                       May The Farts Be With You

                                    Return of the Davi

                                                                    Davey Mac & Han Solo = Best Buds

                                    Portrait of one fucked-up space family