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The Dave-ing. A new horror masterpiece from David McDonald.

Fuck Doctor Sleepy's, or whatever the shit the sequel to The Shining is gonna be called. Everyone knows the REAL, golden masterpiece of a Shining follow-up comes out this summer.  The Dave-ing.  Directed by Dave McDonald.  Cinematography by Barn Owl Bill.  Farting by my dad.  Take a look at the stills of what will be the best movie ever not made.


Dave tells Jack Nicholson a shitty joke on the set of The Shining about psychic parrots.




Twin girls or boys?  Do they go by the name of "Davey" or "Ruby"?  We're not sure but they're as creepy as Fuck Town (which is a real place).



That fucking bitch Wendy hit Dave in the head and locked him in the damned food locker again...where there's nothing but dry, shitty cereal.



Fine.  You caught Dave getting a blow job from a teddy bear.  Hope you feel happy.



Dave scored a 9 out of 10 on the interview question, "Will you kill your family?"



Here's the movie poster for The Dave-ing.  Please ignore the writing that says "The Shining".  Our lawyers are trying to take care of that (and will most likely lose).

Dave has ALWAYS been at the Overlook Hotel......mainly because he has no place to go and is a poor guest.