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I'm throwing my hat into the Star Wars ring!! Jedi time!!

I recently heard that J.J. Abrams is holding some sort of contest where the lucky winner gets to appear as an extra in the next Star Wars movie (Episode VII).  First of all, J.J., no one is a bigger Star Wars fan on this space system that we call Earth.

In fact, J.J., I have been a card-carrying member of the Lucasfilm fan club since 1989 and I have the Yoda hologram watch to prove it!!

If you made this happen, J.J., I'd be indebted to you forever like that dumb idiot Chewbacca and how he just follows Han Solo around like a furry zombie, meanwhile he probably knows more of the in's and out's of the Millennium Falcon than Han does.  Anyway, get me in that movie, J.J.!!!  I'll decapitate some Sith fuckers with my light-saber-nunchucks!!!!  Fuck YEAH, Force!!

                              Daveth Vader sometimes shits lava.

                   Dave owns this actual "painting" in his house.