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This Blanka thievery will not stand, man!!!

For those of who who don't know, we here at ESD Country have made hundreds of short films that have garnered us a total of 286 Academy Awards, a number we would be more proud of if we hadn't just made it up seconds ago.  This is why it irks us when we get stolen from by a much larger show (in the past Family Guy, The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, and The Schindler's List Show have all ripped us off).

And now this is what has happened with TV's Pete Holmes.  As you can see from our movie on the left (made with a Flip Cam in 2011, three entire years before Holmes' video), I wrote about an obscure video game character from a game that was twenty years old and set him in an unlikely setting, "The Office".

As for Pete Holmes, he took the EXACT same obscure video game character that no one has talked about in two decades (Blanka) and also set him in.........a fucking office!!!!!  Come on, Pete!!!!  I'll gladly be a writer for your show!!!!  Just call my ass up and do this fair and square and no more Bull Shit please!!!  Thank you!!!