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Dave's Thoughts- People In Power Will Always Abuse That Power.

                     Davey Mac- Does he fart when he thinks?  Yes.

It's true.  Take me, for example.  I once was designated the Hallway Monitor in second grade.  And in my reign, I ended up putting four kids to death.  Unacceptable.  And then there was this one time when I was named Captain of my Little League team which resulted in me "accidentally" beating one of the lesser players on our team with a baseball bat because I wanted to re-enact that scene from The Untouchables where DeNiro fucks that guy up at dinner.  And of course there was the time where I got a promotion at my current job in New Jersey only to use the extra income to fly overseas and assassinate a South American dictator who shall remain nameless (the CIA still owes me $49.99 for that).  Anyway, just remember, Dave Pound, people in power are not to be trusted!!  Ever!!