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This week's Davey Mac Sports Program episode is NOW up, baby! What up, Donald Sterling?!

                                    The Mysterious Dave-o-lith

Fuck yeah, daddy long legs.  You're sick of old white men shouting sports cliches angrily on the radio.  This is why you listen to the Davey Mac Sports Program.  Because we are not old.  Many of us are, however, of Caucasian descent and/or are men.  Please don't hold that against us.  The show still rocks the socks of Santa Claus' wife (I don't know her first name.  Edna?  I think I only hear them call her Mrs. Claus).  Anyway, we have an explosive birthday party/Game Of Thrones fest/all-around Love-In that will be the most entertaining hour of your week.  Bam.  Listen to it right here on ESD Country in the DMSP Player section or on our professional podcasting network-!  Adios!!