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Intentionally, Shitty, Wacky, Promo Photo for the Davey Mac Sports Program!

This is the Official "We're A Shitty Wacky Radio Show" promo picture taken by the talented Johnny Russo of 31 Design.  It's not Johnny's fault.  He's quite good at what he does.  In fact, he was the one to take the Davey Mac Sports Program Doors parody album photo, which is just damned awesome.  Instead, we just agreed to take one of those really awful radio "Hey, look, we're nuts!"-type of shots.  Eck.  But great work, Johnny.  And below this pic is the Doors photo.

                                                                                      PS - Dave used to be one chubby meatball.

                                                                                        Davey Mac: The Scissor King