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NEW episodes of the Davey Mac Sports Program AND The Watchers are NOW here!

                                    Pictured: Four ex-convicts.

Greetings, humans!!  Brand, new episodes of the TWO greatest radio shows, the Davey Mac Sports Program AND The Watchers, are NOW available right here at East Side Dave Country!! 

Click on the DMSP Player for the number one, award-winning Davey Mac Sports Program!!  We talk about Dave's TV appearance on TLC, drugs and booze, the NBA PLayoffs, bad people, evil things, touching one another, possible Dave Vs. Pepper bet, and MORE awesomeness!!!

And when you're done with the Sports Program, visit The Watchers section of the site to listen to a brand new episode of our hugely popular movie show, The Watchers!!  We discuss The Wolf of Wall Street, Game Of Thrones, Godfather Part I  Vs. Part II, Davey Mac dominates things, Roy is off the rails, monsters, robots, and MORE wonderfulness!!

Let's touch it, Dave Pound!!!