Original articles written by Davey Mac, and any BS news pertaining to Dave!  What-What!!

Television history gets made tonight by the Dave Man!!

That is correct!  Davey Mac shall appear TONIGHT on TLC at 10 PM (EST) on America's Worst Tattoos, following Dave's famed television appearances on truTV's "World's Worst", Wet Personal Lubricant commercials, David Letterman, America's Most Wanted, PBS' "Chuck Dildo Show", the Fatty & Pee-Pee Adventures, VH1's "That Top Ten People With Heads Discussing Top Ten Famous People With Heads Show", Who Farted? (a new game show from the Dickle Brothers), National Geographic Presents: "Bees Cumming On Picnic Food", Law & Order: Dwarf Division, ABC's "Stop Tickling The Children", and MORE!  We'll see you TONIGHT on TLC at 10 PM (EST) on America's Worst Tattoos!!!  BAM!!!