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Here's your free, complimentary, Easter card from David!! Shit, yeah!!

Listen.  This is a tough economy.  Don't you deserve a financial break for once?

You're God-Damned right you do.  Thus, I am going to give you these two Davey Mac-Easter pics.  Cut them out and decide which one is the outside/front and which one is the inside/inside.  I can't decide that shit.  I'm on acid.  How do you think this project got started anyway? 

And when you're done with that, write a nice "Happy Fuckin' Easter, daddy!".....or something like that....I don't know....who do you think I am, anyway, Hallmark?! Shit, friend-o, I ain't even Arsenio Hallmark!!  Hahahahahahahaha!!!!  Oh, fuck, this acid is kicking in!!!  Who else wants Slurpees?!


                                                                         Happy Fuckin' Easter, daddy!!!

                                                                Let's party with Jesus and eggs and rabbits!!!