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The Davey Mac Sports Program LIVES ONLINE!

Fuck yeah it does. 

As for as our situation with SiriusXM goes, how we were bizarrely put on hiatus, only to be brought back, and then strangely to be let go again....well, it's simply fucking with someone's life.  I'll have a lot more to say about it at some point.  But for now, I can state that (perhaps ironically) it is not me who is off the is SiriusXM.  There is no strategy.  And odd, random decisions that seriously affect people's lives are being made.

I make $150 a week from SiriusXM, $600 a month.  While certainly not enough to live on, with a family, the 600 bucks was really important to me. 

And not for nothing, but the people at Sirius simply did not take the time to understand or appreciate the talent of XM folks.  It's that simple.  So I was mistakenly seen by Sirius management as some XM lunatic from 2006 rather than the legitimate, national, talk show host that I have evolved into and have been recognized as such via awards and hit reviews from the likes of the AV Club, iTunes, Stitcher, Deadspin, and on and on.  Really, the ONLY place where the Davey Mac Sports Program doesn't get glowing reviews is the company it worked (greatly and passionately) for...SiriusXM.  Shame, really.

Anyway, I'd like to give thank you's to my family and friends and YOU guys for always being awesome and supportive!  You have been extremely supportive!

So if you still want the Davey Mac Sports Program, and this is not a scummy plug here, but I strongly recommend you listen to future episodes of the NUMBER ONE INDEPENDENT sports show in the world, the Davey Mac Sports Program, EXCLUSIVELY on and/or right HERE on ESD Country!! 

Adios, fart-burgers!!!!!!!!!


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