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East Side Dave & Famous People!

Here's a segment called Dave & Famous People.  It's me in photographs with fucking famous people.

Anyway, this first one is me and former Saturday Night Live and Thirty Rock star, Tracy Morgan, who performed at my Davey Mac Movie-Thon event this year.  We look like best friends here.  Too bad he doesn't reply to what I call my "Stalker Emails."


This next one is me with Little Steven Van Zandt, brilliant guitarist for Bruce Springsteen's legendary E Street Band.  In my head while posing for this pic, I was humming "Backstreets".....which is more of a piano song.....whatever, get off my fucking back!!!


And here is me with Hall of Fame radio personality, Cousin Brucie, who helped introduce a little band called the fucking Beatles at a little place called Shea Fucking Stadium in a little year called Nineteen-Sixty-Fucking-Four!!  What were YOU doing in '64?  Probably eatin' your own feet, THAT'S what!!!!!

......You know what?  I'm sorry if that came across a little harsh.  Not my intention.


Here's me and NFL MVP & Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson, holding lightsabers shortly before decapitating an entire Imperial squadron of Stormtroopers.  Seriously, Stormtroopers are the WORST soldiers in the universe.  Killing them is like stepping on defenseless baby ducks.  Stormtroopers = Spacepussies.


Here's me and One Day At A Time star, Bonnie Franklin, shortly before she died.  Ok, ok.....this shit was photo-shopped.  I guess you feel so smart now, don't you????


Back to the REAL shit!  Here's me infamously grabbing Chris Berman's neck to celebrate the Giants beating the Patriots in Super Bowl 46.  He was perturbed at this and told me, and I quote, to "Get yer fuckin' hands off me."  Ouch!!  Guess "Boomer" is a Pats fan!!  Chill out, Chris!!  It wasn't like I was fingering your ass....though I would for sixty bucks!!!!


Here is me and radio superstar Anthony Cumia of the huge Opie & Anthony Show singing at the world famous East Side Dave Number One Birthday Party!!  After this particular performance of "Sweet Caroline", Neil Diamond said: "Well, music will never get better than that.  I suppose I should just shoot myself on YouTube now."


Question.  Where would the world be without Pacman?'d probably be exactly the same, but NONETHELESS, here's a pic of me and world famous Pacman champion and star of the superb documentary, King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, the immortal Billy Mitchell.


This next picture is America's Greatest Comedy Coach, "East Side" Dave McDonald, giving a few, free pointers to comedians (left to right) Rich Vos, Robert Kelly, and Luis Gomez.

And lastly, here's a photo with me and the most famous fucker in the world - Santa Claus.  I was about five in this picture and as you can see, I'm horrified as shit.  It's a God Damned miracle I didn't turn out to be some kind of psychopath who gets bad tattoos and......oh wait....