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Is Scott Stapp a CIA Operative? The Dave Man says "Quite Possibly!"

I know it's fun to pile on ol' Scott Stapp, former lead singer of the Pearl Jam ripoff band Creed.  As an Eddie Vedder fan myself, I have particular disdain for someone who so obviously stole the vocal style that Eddie brings to the table. All of that aside, Scott Stapp has recently gone batshit crazy. 

Or that's what THEY would have you believe.  Addressing Mr. Stapp's claim that he is a CIA operative and assassin, I say to Scott: "Thank you for your service to this country.  I don't know what kind of secret missions you've engaged in, but I feel safer knowing that Scott Stapp is out there, blowing up Russian submarines, shooting down entire squadrons of terrorists, and generally defending our freedoms.  Appreciated, Scott."  - Davey Mac