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TODAY is the Day for Awesomeness.

First, Davey Mac plans to intend to dominate the morning on the Carl & Dave Show on WRAT 95.9 FM.  Listen online at or the free WRAT App

After THAT, sometime in the early evening (5 PM or after-ish), we will broadcast a brand new episode of the Davey Mac Sports Program!  Watch and listen to us LIVE in the TV section on this site!

THEN, after a short but boozy break, the Davey Mac Sports Program & The Watchers will drunkenly broadcast our epic simultaneous commentary as we intoxicatedly view Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday.  We call this our Any Drunken Sunday 2 special (the first one was in 2012).

The #DMSP will be posted immediately to iTunes if you miss anything; and the Any Drunken Sunday 2 special will be posted to iTunes early Thanksgiving week!  See you TONIGHT in the TV section on this site!