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Any Drunken Sunday 2 AND The Davey Mac Sports Program - FRIDAY!

It's ON, daddy.  There will be NO Davey Mac Sports Program on Wednesday.  Instead, there WILL be a show on FRIDAY! 

And after the regular #DMSP episode, the Davey Mac Sports Program & The Watchers will be presenting Any Drunken Sunday 2; our biannual tradition of watching the Oliver Stone film, Any Given Sunday, and giving ludicrous, intoxicated commentary with it!! 

You can watch both the sports show and the film with us in the TV section on this site (times will be posted later)!! 

The Sports Program will then be posted immediately to iTunes whereas the Any Drunken Sunday 2 special will be made available (under both the Davey Mac Sports Program and The Watchers iTunes feeds) for early next Thanksgiving week!

  That's THIS Friday!  Stay tuned for more details!!  Boomsie!!