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Update - East Side Davey Mac on America's Worst Tattoos in April!

   East Side Dave & tattoo artist Tim Pangburn, shortly before Dave farted.

We have an update for when my episode on TLC's America's Worst Tattoos will air:  sometime in April, baby!!  Watch East Side David cry as he is tattooed by Tim Pangburn, a highly-respected artist bewildered at the sight of a shirtless red-head who lets a little gas slip out when he's getting ink.  TLC is looking at April 4th right now, but that could change as we get closer to the date.  Meanwhile, critics everywhere are saying that this episode will be so tremendous that "it'll make the Beatles' historic appearance on Ed Sullivan look like a bunch of Limey monkeys throwing their own shit in each other's mouths."  And after yet another brilliant TV performance by yours truly, I expect to be cast as Fluffer #6 in Behind The Candelabra 2: Scott's Slutty Revenge.