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Your Super Bowl can be even Superer.....with David & Pepper!

Oh yes!!  This is REAL!!  Now YOU, Johnny and Joanie Pigskin Fan, can have "East Side" Dave McDonald and Chris "Pepper" Stanley over to your house, favorite bar, or preferred prison cell to watch the damned Super Bowl!!  We're asking for $1,500 plus travel fees!!  It must be in the New York area, which we're deeming as New York, New Jersey, and parts of Philly!!  Fuck yeah!!  Contact Dave at if interested!!  Also, the winner of this "contest" must provide ample alcohol and I'm in the mood for pizza, so let's throw that shit in there, too!!  All jokes aside, what do you call a feline lawyer who is married to Harrison Ford?  An Ally McBeal Cat!!!  Hahahaha!!  Hmmmm.....I guess all jokes were not truly aside, were they?  Anyway, we hope to hear from you!  In the meantime, I'm gonna be rubbing up against my football!!  Peace!!

- Davey Mac  (aka "Earth's Greatest Person")

           Dave & Pepper - conjoined at the dick?    .....We hear things.

           Dave & Pepper - conjoined at the dick?    .....We hear things.