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And the Oscar goes to........mah dick!!!

     Dave Shalit: non-respected film critic for  Perverts Illustrated .

     Dave Shalit: non-respected film critic for Perverts Illustrated.

The 2014 Academy Award nominations were just announced, with American Hustle and Gravity leading the way with ten nominations each.  First of all, American Hustle is more over-rated than my dickhole wart and secondly, where the shit are the nominations for the Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis, aka the "Best Fucking Film of the Year"?!  Not even a Best Song nomination, for shit's sakes?!?!  Hey, Academy, screw you!!!  Anyway, I'm classy film critic Dave Shalit signing off, saying, "You're dead meat, Academy!!  Next time you see me and the Coen Brothers you better cross the fucking street, you sons of bitches!!!"