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The Davey Mac Sports Program (online) is NOW moving to every Tuesday at 7:30 EST on Ustream! And will be put up on & iTunes the following morning!

Jesus H. Megatron, did you get all that?  Yes, the show is moving to Tuesday's at 7:30 PM Eastern on Ustream.  And for the millions of you out there who don't give two shit-fucks about Ustream and simply listen to the show on and/or iTunes, then this means you'll be getting the Davey Mac Sports Program (online) a day earlier!!   Yeeeeehhaaawww!! 

And we will be staying on our regular broadcast time at SiriusXM Satellite Radio- Saturdays, 7 PM Eastern on the Opie & Anthony Channel (Sirius 206/XM 103). 

Understand?!  'Cuz my dick hurts and I don't know if its from confusion or because I just slammed a bronze door on it ten times in a row because of a poorly-thought-out bet.

To recap: the online Davey Mac Sports Program will now be broadcast every Tuesday at 7:30 PM EST (with the show being put up on and iTunes shortly thereafter).

The SiriusXM show stays the same. 

Now can someone call the doctor, there's some blood coming out of my dick.  Or is that my ass?  I'm so confused!!!! 

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