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I give because I care about you.

It's true.  Not many people know this so I'm gonna have to whisper REAL quiet-like but...  

...I love you.  Yup.  You heard me right.  I'd like to tickle you in the fanny. 

And as a result of my love, you are getting TWO special radio shows today! 

Check out this week's fantastic Davey Mac Sports Program (online) where we sing the greatest rendition of Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike" ever heard by human ears; as well as Real World-Road Rules Challenge chat; and pot talk!!  Hip, hip, horrah!! 

But that's not all!!  Also check out a special new episode of our monthly movie show- The Watchers!!  We talk about the Coen Brothers and poor childhood decisions inspired by film, and MORE pot talk!!   

I love you.  Yes I do.  Now invite me over to your house so I can watch you sleep and play with your toesies while you're in dream land.  Bye, babies!


Davey Mac The Doors.jpeg
The Watchers.jpg