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I'm done with boxing...

...I watched that damned Mayweather-Canelo fight, and shitties did it suck.  Floyd Mayweather is the most boring champion in the history of sports.  Punch-punch.  Run away.  Punch-punch.  Run away.  Repeat this for thirty-six God Damn interminable minutes.  Mayweather is like Great Tiger from Mike Tyson's Punchout.  Only Mayweather doesn't enter the ring with a tiger...instead, he has a Bieber, which is a far less intimidating but much better at dancing animal. 

I liked the fact that Great Tiger would wear a turban during his matches.  You don't often see boxers sporting Middle Eastern head gear these days.  Plus, whenever the jewel in Great Tiger's hat started blinking, that's when you punch that mother fucker's lights out.  POW!  BAM!  Shit, if Mayweather had some sort of blinking light on his fucking forehead instructing his opponents on when to hit him, I'd bet 40 bucks he'd lose his next TWO matches.  Anyway, I'm gonna go jerk off to old pictures of Blair from "Fact Of Life."  Bye.

Great Tiger 2.jpg
Great Tiger 4.jpg