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Welcome to the new & improved East Side Dave Country!

ESD Country.png

Let's fucking face it, dogsies.  The old East Side Dave Country was flat-out awesome.  "Why change?" you ask, before quietly farting as if I wouldn't notice.   But I did notice dammit.

Anyway, this version has all of the old stuff, plus AWESOMER additions.  Here you can find a Davey Mac Sports Program Player - where you can listen to our online show whenever the shit you want!  Just make sure your damned protections and cookies and crap are disabled.

Also, there is a cleaner interface for videos and what not.  Comedy videos in one categories, Davey Mac show video snippets in another category, and Vine videos on another page.  Bam.  Suck and fuck.  Furthermore, more photos have been added, too.  I'm basically rewarding you for being so good all these years.  It was either this or break into your house and tickle you while you sleep.

Lastly, this shit is MOBILE-compatible!!   Fuck yeah!!  It sure is!!  So bookmark it on your phone and tablet and jerk off!!

Thank you all for coming to East Side Dave Country!  Much appreciated!!

 - Dave