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This man is NOT me. He is a damned impostor.

The photo below is on the front page of Reddit today.  Well, I have an announcement to make.  The guy wearing the plaid shirt and holding the cookie is NOT the Dave Man.  He is a fucking fraud.

Fake Dave.png

Even this pig-slut's very pose looks like my God-Damned logo, for Pete's sake!!  Son of a bitching ripoff artist!!  This thieving mother-fucker has no idea that it took me at least four-and-a-half minutes to design that thing.

Wait a second.  That's a lie.  I didn't design that at all.  I'm just really high right now and clearly emotional over having some auburn-haired doppelganger fucking my shit up.  So consider yourself warned, you red-headed cock-nose.  I'm gonna sue you back to the Stone Age and then fart all over said stones!!!

ESD pic.jpg