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I just realized that I've been on TV a lot.

I'm kinda like Woody Allen's Zelig or Tom Hanks' Forrest Gump; except instead of being somehow caught in the middle of an historic event, surrounded by legendary celebrities and famous power figures, I've made it to bad cable news shows and dick lube commercials!!  Yay me!!!!! 

Anyway, here now are the Top 5 "East Side" Dave TV appearances:

Dave appears on New York One news to discuss Billy Joel playing the last concert at Shea Stadium.  Look into Dave's eyes and you'll see a very drunk man.

Dave pretends that he is a right-wing lunatic at the David Letterman protests.  Dave appears to be drunk in this one, too.

CNN dedicates a whole segment to Dave, who looked very unstable in this video.  Let's admit it- Dave was drunk.

Dave appears on truTV and blows the comedy world away with his brilliant portrayal of a farty man with farty problems.  #DRUNK

Dave does an EVIL testimonial for dick lube.  I'm drunk just watching this one.


Stay tuned for my next transcendentally amazing television appearance as I will be a guest in January on America's Worst Tattoos!  Peace!   Drrrrrrrrrunk!!!!