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I finished watching "JFK" last night.

Dave JFK movie.jpg

My own, personal, mini-series viewing of Oliver Stone's JFK is finally over after three blissful nights of smoking up the good stuff and then putting on the movie at midnight.  JFK is one of those films that should only be watched very late in the evening, so that the creepy paranoia and invisible fear can take hold of the viewer until you realize that not only was our 35th President most likely murdered by a rogue element of our own national intelligence community; but that you yourself were complicit with this conspiracy, and that, in fact, YOU may have been one of the trigger men who shot Kennedy, and then had your brain washed by the CIA so that you don't remember a God Damned thing.  Well, Davey Mac remembers, America.  THAT's who fucking remembers.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to spank the monkey.  Good day.