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Someone said that I might be doing stand-up again... the New York Comedy Festival.  I would be performing my "brilliantly" shitty character, the World's Worst Comedian, at Bob Kelly and RiotCast's night of comedy.  But the odd thing is, I really don't know if I'm gonna be doing it or not.  I think I was asked by Bob Kelly a few weeks ago.  But I was drunker than shit.  I forget if we left it up in the air, or if I gave him an answer.  Fuckies.  I was so hammered I even pissed myself a little.  OK, ok, I pissed myself a LOT.  Anyway, come back here for more answers as to whether or not I'll be doing stand-up on Nov. 6th in the Comedy Cellar for the New York Comedy Festival.  Here are some pics of the last time the World's Worst Comedian performed followed by the greatest video of stand-up comedy ever.


 Dave puts the comedy world on notice with his brilliance. 

Dave Stand Up 1.jpeg


Dave literally kills three members of the audience with his genius and is currently awaiting a triple-manslaughter charge. 

Dave Stand Up 2.jpeg


Dave destroys the room so badly with his exceptional material that he now owes $35,000 in damages......but guess what...Dave ain't paying SHIT!!! 

Dave Stand Up 3.jpeg


Dave is congratulated by his best friends (from left to right), comedians Rich Vos, Robert Kelly, Luis Gomez. 

Dave doing comedy 6 vos.jpg


Dave and Pepper laughing at either stand-up comedians or their own farts. 

Dave laughing.jpg


Special video clip of Davey Mac Cliche - The World's Worst Comedian.