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Meet your maker, Tony Reali.

You know who I am, Tony Reali.  My name is David McDonald and we went to high school (and a little bit of college) together.  Anyway, the high school that we went to was Christian Brothers Academy, one of the best basketball schools in New Jersey.  And though you are currently the host of ESPN's Around The Horn, you are no athlete, Tony.....and you never were.  Below is a picture of ONE of us sports stars who actually played for the heralded Christian Brothers Academy (CBA) Colts.  And the only person I see in the photo is me, David "Michael Jordan" McDonald.  You will not see Tony Reali in the pic, because he never played sports.  This makes me the WINNER of the Davey Mac-Tony Reali Internet War and overall Champion of the Universe.  Good day, Tony.

Little Dave - CBA.jpeg