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It's Go Time!

Who's ready to ROCK?!  YOU!  YOU are ready to rock!  I have foreseen it!  Have a great weekend and don't forget to ROCK!!

- Dave

by Dave

East Side Dave Show: Controversy & Chaos (Part II)!

It's the shocking conclusion to the now-infamous Stevie Lew segment on the world-famous EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW!   The C.E.O. of the #ESDS, the evil corporate tyrant Mr. McDonald, comes out to place the blame and go pee-pee's in his pants!   Watch the dangerous and epic EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW each Tuesday at 7 PM (EST) on!   HISS!    

It's A New, Special, Father's Day Episode Of THE EAST SIDE DAVE AND SON WRESTLING SHOW! Listen Now!

Oh, YEAH, daddy!  What better way to spend Father's Day than with the number one father/son wrestling podcast in the world.......The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show!  Check out an all-new, explosive episode right NOW in the Wrestling Show section on this site!  Dave (father) and Stanley (son) give their controversial predictions regarding WWE's Money In The Bank (June 18th), as well as discuss Quentin Tarantino, Amadeus, James Brown, and MORE!  Check it out right NOW!  BAM!

Happy Father's Day!

We here at East Side Dave Country wish you and yours a blessed and happy Father's Day and we would like to calmly inform you that if you want these belts YOU'RE GONNA HAVE TO TAKE THEM IN A STEEL CAGE MATCH, YOU S.OB.!!!  WE'LL BE WAITING FOR YA, JABRONI!!

...Happy Father's Day.

by Dave

Rise & Shine!

We got things to do, dogsie!  We've got a To-Do List with a bunch of names on it (that need crossing off)!  Awake from your dirt nap and let's ROCK!  Have a nice day!

- Dave

by Dave

It's A New, Explosive Episode Of The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW! Watch Now On Compound Media!

The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW is, quite simply, "The Best Program In The World."  You know it's true.  And we want YOU to check out the latest, most controversial episode on  What's it about?  We can't tell you...mainly because we don't know ourselves.  But it's still a must-watch.  It's the #ESDS, daddy......HISS!! 

Let's Go Yankees!

The Mac Foundation entered Yankee Stadium yesterday...and we witnessed the furthest baseball hit by a human being ever.  Aaron Judge destroyed a ball that was last seen orbiting somewhere around Jupiter.  Good times by all!

- Dave

by Dave

What A Nice Day!

I think I'm gonna go for a ride in my nice convertible with the top down!  I'll let the breeze flow through my stunningly beautiful auburn locks and----

---what was that?  Did you hear that?  It sounded like someone was cocking their gun.......

Anyway, we're just gonna hit the road and listen to the birds sing and-----

---Hey, why are all the birds flying away at the exact, same time?!  Do you hear gunfire?!  

Anywho, we're just gonna have a nice, relaxed-------


by Dave





.......OR ELSE!!!

by Dave

East Side Dave Show: With Neal On Our Side

Dave performs a Bob Dylan classic for his lawyer, Attorney At Law Neal Unger, as they prepare to sue Pete Holmes for $45 million for stealing Dave's Blanka sketch.   Experience the EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW each Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern (and see every, previous episode) on!   HISS!!       

by Dave

We're Gonna Bring It Today, Daddy. Old School-Style.

"Dangerous" Davey Mac is gonna hit the squared circle today as he takes on his arch-rival, "Terrible" Tony Ax in a vicious, no-holds-barred, Southern Jersey Lawnmower Match!  Five out of nine falls!  Be prepared for the most in-your-face wrestling EVER!  BOOM!  

by Dave