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They Are Watching Us.

Who is THEY?

THEY are the ones who are watching us at this very moment.

Be careful...THEY are coming for us.

Now get out there and have a great day!

- Dave

by Dave

"That's Where You're Wrong, Obi-Wan...There IS No Higher Ground!"

How awesome would it have been if Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader said that to Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode III?   I would have loved that.   And, you know...depending on your point of view...there really might not be any higher ground in their Galaxy...if you think about it.   I mean, were the Jedi all that pure?   Who knows.   My fingers hurt.

- Darth David

by Dave

The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Billy Mitchell Interview Is Making Headlines.

It's the now-infamous and controversial segment that the world is talking's the East Side Dave Show Billy Mitchell Interview...and it is grabbing headlines, dogsie!   YES!   The popular video game site, Kotaku, has written about it!   The famous gaming website, VentureBeat, glowingly referenced us!   The huge site, Hot Hardware, wrote a lengthy article about us as well!   The popular site, GameSpot, also discussed our "bizarre interview."   And the website Digg called the #ESDS "an obscure live webshow"!   Watch the East Side Dave Show Billy Mitchell Interview for free on YouTube/EastSideDaveTV!!   And experience the entire infamous #ESDS in all its glory and madness on!   HISS!!   

The Now-Infamous EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW - BILLY MITCHELL Interview Is Available On Compound Media!

It's one of the most talked-about episodes on the notorious East Side Dave Show as the #ESDS interviews controversial video game legend, Billy Mitchell!!   One of the greatest retro-gamers in the world, Mr. Mitchell has recently been accused by certain Internet individuals and nefarious video game people of cheating!   Experience this once-in-a-lifetime event as the #ESDS conducts a thorough and detailed interview that covers Billy's life...from his rise to gamer the current, headline-grabbing scandal that he is embattled in!   It's a one-of-a-kind and ultimately epic East Side Dave Show episode that you MUST see!   Check it out NOW on!

by Dave

The East Side Dave Show Billy Mitchell Interview. TONIGHT.

If you aren't aware, video game legend (and my second-best-friend), Billy Mitchell, has been accused by the Donkey Kong community of cheating in order to submit recent high-scores.  Google it, dogsie.  Well, the East Side Dave Show shall do an EXCLUSIVE interview with the Mr. Mitchell TONIGHT on the #ESDS!!  7 PM (EST) on!!  Be there for the controversial Q&A!!  HISS!  

by Dave

Congratulations To The Philadelphia Eagles

From one champion to another...the Dave Man wishes to express his congrats to the Eagles and their fans on their fantastic Super Bowl victory.  You earned it, dogsie.  

- Dave

by Dave

It's The Super Bowl!!

Who's ready for some Super Bowl today?!?!   Yeeeeeehhhhaaw!!   Enjoy the game, dogsies!!   I got $500 that says that Timberlake slips and falls on the stage during the half-time show!!   HISS!!

- Dave

by Dave

Your Only Hope...

Davey-Wan Kenobi is here to save the day...

...And that is no fallacy.

"He's a psychedelic Jedi," is what they say...

...Who shall someday save the Galaxy.

by Dave