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A Bare-Knuckles EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Is Now Available!

Are you READY?! In this corner…weighing over one thousand pounds…from parts unknown…it’s the notorious East Side Dave Show on! And we’ve got a particularly intense, no-holds-barred episode for you! It’s our Final Episode Of The Summer Special! With special guest, former IWF Champion, “The Master Of Chaos” Kevin Knight! Bring the PAIN! Experience this glorious #ESDS on right NOW!! #HISS!!

A Celebratory, New, EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Is Here!

The East Side Dave Show gets into a downright festive mood with an epic episode…NOW on! The #ESDS celebrates Jimmy’s (real) Birthday, parties, dances, fights, and threatens to light one another on fire! Let’s rock!

The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show SummerSlam Spectacular Is Here!

Oh, YES, brother! The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show is back with a new episode as our SummerSlam Spectacular is here! Listen in as Davey Mac, Stanley Mac, and special guest Julianna Mac dominate the competition with their analysis of this year’s WWE SummerSlam! Plus, we do some impressions, talk some trash, and have fun! Be careful, daddy……because the Mac Foundation is bringing the PAIN with this episode! Listen to it now in the Wrestling Show section on this site! BOOM!

The East Side Dave Show Has Found The Ark Of he Covenant!

The amazing East Side Dave Show has supernatural adventures every Tuesday at 7 PM (EST) on! Join the #ESDS on their next magical journey! YES!

An Amazing New East Side Dave Show Is Now Available!

Oh, YES, dogsie! The transcendent East Side Dave Show is back with an epic, new episode as we have our first-ever August 6th, 2019 Special! And YOU can experience this cosmic #ESDS right now on! With special guests Sean O. Barry (of the Davey Mac Sports Program) and America’s Number One Film Critic…Germain Lussier! PLUS…music, mayhem, and magic! It’s all here! YES!