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Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Yeeeeeeehhhaaaw!! May the sun shine brightly upon all the daddies out there, daddy! May you climb fron the lowest of canyons to the highest of mountaintops, daddy! GHave a great Daddy’s Day and remember to make magic, dady! Yeeeeehhaaw!

Enjoy The Glory Of The East Side Dave Show!

Only one program is designed to bring the magic and mayhem each and every week! It’s the East Side Dave Show! A.K.A. “The Greatest Program In The Galaxy!” Watch the #ESDS LIVE on every Tuesday at 7 PM (EST)! #HISS!

Do Not Be Alarmed...

…There is a possibility that They are watching us. Scratch that. It is a foregone conclusion. Indeed…They are most definitely watching us…..RUN!!!