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Just When They Think They Have The Answers...The Dave Man Changes The Questions!

It's the weekend!  It's time to chillax, dogsie!  And if you see Zombie Jimmy Snuka walking around, tell him that I've got a coconut with his name on it waiting for him!  Did you hear that, Superfly?!  I don't care if you're dead or alive, if you come strutting into the Dave Man's hizzouse, you're going down!!  Have a nice day.

- Davey Mac

by Dave

East Side Dave Show: His Name Is...Albert Pujols!

Dave and Sean O. Barry enjoy the name of legendary baseball Albert Pujols!   Or should we say...Albert.......POO-HOLES!   Hahahaha!   Special, musical guest star...comedian Pat Dixon!   Watch the East Side Dave Show each Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern (and see every, previous episode) on!   YES!   

by Dave

You Know I Got This.

My name is "East Side" Dave McDonald, and I am, quite simply, The Greatest Of All Time.  It's true.  I was tested and my G.O.A.T. Midichlorian count is off the charts, daddy.  So, don't you worry.  No, dogsie.  You just kick those feet up and let the Dave Man take care of your day with an evil smile that will both frighten and inspire.  The Dave Man's got this.

- E.S.D. (G.O.A.T.)

by Dave

It's Presidents' Day.

Make sure you're kind to your Presidents today.  For instance, if you see a befuddled President standing at the traffic light with a confused look on his dopey face, help that President cross the'll be doing him a favor.  Also, remember NOT to pet any President that you see with a white, frothy substance near the mouth...for that President has rabies.  Lastly, do not spill water on the Presidents NOR feed them after midnight...all kinds of bad shit happens when you do that.  

Now that you know the rules, go out there and have a fun and SAFE Presidents' Day!  God bless you!  God bless America!  God bless Aliens!  What was that noise?!  Where's my gun?!  Ahhh!!  We're under attack!!  HELP!!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!  WE'RE BEING INVADED!!!  AHHHHHHH!!!!

- President David

by Dave

Welcome To East Side Dave Country, Daddy! Yeeeeehhaaww!

Right here at East Side Dave Country, we are making Internet we have just been voted BEST WEBSITE IN THE WORLD!  Bam!  So, here's what we want YOU to do in order to properly celebrate!  We are asking YOU, the lovely and dangerous DavePound, to peruse the various sections on ESDC!  We have radio shows to listen to, videos to watch, pictures to be frightened by, and MORE!  Enjoy ESDC and ROCK ON, baby!  BOOM!  

- Dave

by Dave

East Side Dave Show: Mary Sue!

Dave talks to Mary Sue on the world-famous EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW!  Voted "Best Program In The World" by a few, random people on the Internet!   Watch the#ESDS each Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern (and see every, previous episode) on!   YES!  

by Dave

Light It Up.

There's no rest for the Jedi.  That is why the Dave Man doesn't sleep, daddy.  The Dave Man destroys instead.  Have a nice day.

- Dave

by Dave

If The Dave Man Doesn't Win........We RIOT!

"East Side" Dave McDonald..."The Irish Cobra"..."The King Of The Universe"...welcomes you to Planet Earth.  Enjoy Dave this morning on WRAT, 95.9 FM (6 to 10 AM Eastern).  He will crush the airwaves with a feverish fury that will leave the competition sobbing on the side of the road.  Then, watch him tonight on the world-famous East Side Dave Show where he will destroy, then resurrect, all existence as we know it.  Good day.  

by Dave

Reservoir Dogsies

Mr. Red (aka Davey Mac) here....saying.....WATCH YOUR STEP.  

And now that that is out of the way........HAVE A GREAT DAY!


- Davey Mac (Expert Jewel Thief)

by Dave

A New Episode Of The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show Is Now Up!

BOOM, daddy!  The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show returns with furious glory to discuss tonight's WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view!  Also, Dave and Stan talk about seeing NXT on Friday at Asbury Park's legendary Convention Hall!  It's the best wrestling podcast in the world.......The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show!!  Listen NOW in the Wrestling Show section on THIS site!  BAM!

by Dave

Things Are Getting Weird.

Have you ever come to the conclusion that all of this is a mirage?

That life itself is one, giant cartoon?

That we human beings are just fleshy hallucinations of the Snake-Gods?

That these Snake-Gods will shoot lasers at us if we get out of line?

That the Snake-Gods control EVERYTHING with their evil, serpent-minds?

No?  You haven't thought of that?!

.......Good.  If you would be insane.  Now, go for a nice walk today, you nut-face.

- Dave

by Dave


Ahhhhhhh!!!!   Hope you're having a great weekend, Dave Pound!   AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

- Dave

by Dave

East Side Dave Show: Red Hot Moon

The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW is an educational program for Earthlings, monsters, and robots.   Enjoy this Rancid classic.   Watch the #ESDS each Tuesday at 7 PM Eastern (and see every, previous episode) on!   YES!  

by Dave

Stay Warm! It's COLD, Dave Pound!

It is so chilly out there that even my Tauntaun froze!   Hahahahahaha!!!  

......But seriously.  It is so cold outside that even the Wampa creatures have gloves on!  Hahahahaha!!!  

.......But honestly.  It is so freezing today in New Jersey that the planet Hoth feels like the Caribbean!  Hahahahaha!!  

OK.  That's enough.  Have a nice weekend.

- Dave

by Dave