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Today Is The Annual McDonald Easter Egg Hunt Of Death.

When one participates in the ruthless and lethal McDonald Easter Egg Hunt, one experiences emotions of euphoria, panic, paranoia, anxiety, and insanity. For this is the most dangerous and mind-bending Easter Egg Hunt in the world. But you WILL compete…and you WILL dominate. Trust no one. All are enemies. Destroy your opponent. And capture the Golden Egg. Have a nice day.

- Dave

Share The FATHER DAVID VS. GILLBERG Match With Your Friends & Enemies!

Hey, dogsie! I just found out that YouTube has this magical feature called the “share” button! Insane in the membrane! So, if you haven’t already, please share the epic Father David Vs. Gillberg wrestling match with people you love…and people you HATE!! Here’s the link to the match!! BAM!!

Davey Mac In The XFL?


***Davey Mac to the XFL***

There is a strong rumor, one that I’m making up myself, very much out of thin air, that “East Side” Dave McDonald will be an in-studio host for the XFL. No one can confirm this yet…mainly because it is just a fictitious fabrication originating in my own unstable mind. When we have more make-believe details for you, we’ll let you know!

- Dave

A New, In-Your-Face, EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Is Now Available!

Run…don’t walk…RUN over to right now and experience a brand, new, no-holds-barred East Side Dave Show where we put the boots to former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg (who Skypes in)!! Plus, Little Davey sings a song to Bobo! The #ESDS Jeopardy is played! Roy “The Mediocre Mind-Reader” does telepathy! And MORE! Go to at once and experience the world-famous East Side Dave Show! #HISS!

The East Side Dave Show Is TONIGHT And We're Bringing The Fire!

It’ll be an East Side Dave Show to remember as, fresh off the heels of WrestleMania, Father David will be talking to his upcoming opponent, former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion Gillberg, via Skype! Watch the #ESDS on at 7 PM (EST) for the no-holds-barred action! And see Father David take on Gillberg this Saturday, April 13th, at the 22nd Annual IWF Loud & Proud wrestling event, in Nutley, New Jersey! BAM!!

The Mac Boyz Dominated WrestleMania 35

Oh, YEAH, brother! The Mac Boyz (Davey Mac & Stanley Mac) represented the “East Side” at WrestleMania 35 on Sunday!! And what a time we had!! Becky Lynch…new champ!! Kofi Kingston…new champ!! Seth Rollins…new champ!! Finn Balor…new champ!! It was amazing!! Viva la WrestleMania!! And Viva the Mac Foundation!! YES!!

Happy WrestleMania Day!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (for wrestling fans)…it’s WrestleMania Day! YES!! Davey Mac & Stanley Mac are getting ready to head up to MetLife Stadium and watch WrestleMania 35 in person! Oh, hell yeah! In the meantime, listen to The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show for our very special WrestleMania 35 episode! You can hear it in the Wrestling Show section on this site! Happy WrestleMania Day, dogsie! BAM!

The East Side Dave And Son Wresting Show Show (WrestleMania Spectacular) Is Here!

BOOM! The best father/son wrestling podcast in the world, The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show, is here with a brand, new episode for WrestleMania 35! Listen to it NOW in the Wrestling Show section on this site! And it’s PACKED with excitement, predictions, impressions, taunting, and a few, fun surprises! It’s the greatest day of the year for wrestling fans…it’s WrestleMania Day! And The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show is here to entertain you! Hear it in the Wrestling Show section on this site! Have a fantastic day, dogsie! BAM!