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It's An Epic, Awesome, New, East Side Dave Show! Just For YOU!!

Oh, YES!   The Galaxy's ultimate team of heroes, the cosmic East Side Dave Show, is back with a brand, new, celebratory episode!   On!   Experience the magical #ESDS as we teleport the program through being a talk show, into a game show, into a wrestling show, into a musical show, and, ultimately, into the GREATEST Show In The Universe!   See for yourself on!!   And have a most excellent and epic day! 

East Side Dave Show: Raiders Of The Lost HISS!

From the brilliant mind of acclaimed writer-director, "East Side" David McDonald (Academy Award-Winner for The East Side Dave Show Star Wars Spectacular!), it's a brand, new, adventure picture for the ages!   

Behold!   Excitement and magic await you!   With the wonderful story of:   

East Side Dave Show: Raiders Of The Lost HISS!

Let's Enjoy Ourselves.

Greetings, East Side Davidians!   It's your friendly leader, Mr. David, here to give you some positive words!   You know, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish ANYTHING!   At least, that's what I saw on T.V. one time!   But they're probably lying to us!   THEY want us to believe their fiction as they try to control our brains!   Then, they'll turn us into programmed humanoid-zombies who will do their bidding!   Anyway, have a nice day!

- Mr. David

Let's Dominate The Galaxy This Week.

Remember, gang, when planning on Galactic must be careful not to...choke...on your aspirations.   Ambition is a good thing.   Being overzealous is not.   Even when building a Death Star, for instance, make sure that you are grounded and level-headed.   Otherwise, you may get choked by a Sith Lord.   And THAT'S one to grow on!

- Director David


The moment is upon us.   We are immortals in a strange land.   RISE!   And become magical today!

- Mr. David