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The Last Jedi Is This Week!

We are merely DAYS away from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the Force is with me and I am ONE with the Force!   I'm so excited that I've had Ewoks and Porgs dancing in my head!   I'm so thrilled that I've chopped off my right hand and replaced it with a robotic one in emulation of Luke Skywalker!!   Opening up cans of soda has never been harder!!   Anyway, see ya at Star Wars, dogsies!!   YES!!

by Dave

Happy Holidays From The Mac Foundation!

The World of Wrestling's most feared, most dynamic, and most awesome faction, The Mac Foundation, would like you all to have a very Happy Holiday Season!   We want you to bring the cheer and goodwill!   And if you don't, we're coming after you, meatball!!!   Make no mistake about it, The Mac Foundation will hunt you down and destroy your very soul if you don't have Happy Holidays!!!   Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

- Davey Mac

by Dave

The Society Of The Cross Keys...A New, Short Film From "East Side" Dave McDonald & Wes Anderson.

Movie visionaries "East Side" Dave McDonald and Wes Anderson have finally combined forces to give audiences across the planet a short film for the ages!  Behold!  It's The Society Of The Crossed Keys!!!



by Dave

An Epic, New EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Awaits You Compound Media!

It's the show to end all's the amazing EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW!!   And we want YOU to experience the magical #ESDS right now on!   With special guests Jimmy Mac (from Rebel Force Radio), Pat Dixon, Asian Pat Dixon, and MORE!   It's the most glorious show in the's the EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW!!   #HISS!

It's The Twelve Days Of Star Wars!

We've got just twelve days, Leia's and Jedi-men, until the opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi!!  The Force is with me...and I am ONE with the Force!  I'm not trying to over-hype this new movie...but I'm pretty sure that The Last Jedi will be the single greatest film ever made!!!  Shout out to Yoda, by the way, who helped me write this post today! 

- Jedi David

by Dave

Alexa Bliss & The Dave Man.........New Power Couple?

The word on the street is that the Legend, "East Side" Dave McDonald, and the Goddess, WWE Superstar and RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, are the new "it" couple for the Planet Earth.  Of course, by "word on the street", we mean that we're starting the rumor right here on this site, and hoping that it finds its way to TMZ.  And by "it" couple...we mean that Dave looks like Pennywise the killer clown.  Have a nice day!

- Davey Mac

The Mac Foundation with WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss