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The Mac Foundation At SummerSlam!

It was a hot night in New York City on August 20th.  And electricity was in the air.  For the world's greatest wrestling faction, the Mac Foundation, entered the Barclays Center in Brooklyn with one thing on their mind........attend SummerSlam...and consume anything delicious that came within three feet of them.  For the Mac Foundation signed up for the most intense type of contest one can compete in...a Texas Chocolate Match.  And, after pandemonium ran wild.........the Mac Foundation emerged victoriously as your NEW champions!  BAM! 

by Dave

SummerSlam! Tonight!

Oh, yeah, daddy!  SummerSlam is TONIGHT at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and the Mac Foundation will be there in attendance!  Ahhhhh......but this is no celebratory decree.....rather...this is an Open Challenge to any parent/child wrestling factions out there!  For the Mac Foundation is here to dominate the competition!  See you this evening in New York City, dogsie!  BAM!

- Davey Mac

by Dave

It's Time To Play The Dave!

Different people think that they can play the game.  What they don't that I AM the game!!  And yes!  I'm ripping off this promo (almost verbatim) from Triple H!!  But you know what, Triple H?!  If you got a problem with what The Dave is saying.......then I got ONE word for ya!  


- Triple D (aka The Dave)

by Dave


Oh, YEAH, daddy!  It's an exciting, new episode of THE EAST SIDE DAVE AND SON WRESTLING SHOW as they release their SummerSlam 2017 Special!  And YOU can enjoy it right NOW in the Wrestling Show section of this site!  Listen as Davey Mac, Stanley Mac, and special guest Julianna Mac give their explosive predictions and prognostications regarding the biggest wrestling event of the summer!  It's THE EAST SIDE DAVE AND SON WRESTLING SHOW!!  BOOM! 

by Dave

The Force Is With Us...

...It's all around us.

It's in our phone-camera...spying on us.

It's in the bathroom...giggling at us.

It's in our underwear...tickling us.

The with us.

- Davey-Wan Kenobi

by Dave

East Side Dave Show: "Souljacker"

Davey Mac brings the fire straight from his Gratuitous Talk Show Monologue into a musical number that burns the house down!    From the August 15th, 2017 EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW!!   Watch the epic #ESDS each Tuesday at 7 PM (EST) on!   HISS!         

by Dave

The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Has A New Chaos-Filled Episode For You On Compound Media! YES! YES!! YES!!!

Oh, can we get a HELL YEAH!   It's SummerSlam week, daddy!   And that can mean just ONE thing!   It's an EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW filled with excitement, madness, and chaos!   With special guest, "The Master Of Chaos" Kevin Knight, Father David and the #ESDS pull no punches on this instant-classic of an episode!  Check out "The Greatest Program Of All Time", the EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW, on right NOW!!  HISS!


One Week Until SummerSlam!

BAM!  And when Mr. McDonald enters the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 20th......he doesn't want any shit from you miscreants!  Do you understand me?!  You bottom-feeders salute Mr. McDonald with showers of praise and love!  You DO NOT BOO Mr. McDonald, you little weasels!  Mr. McDonald decrees, "At SummerSlam, YOU'VE chance in HISS!!"

- Mr. David McDonald, C.E.O. of the #ESDS

The Mac Foundation Invades Independent Wrestling!

Oh, YEAH, brother!  Davey Mac, Stanley Mac, and Julianna Mac (otherwise known as The Mac Foundation) attended the independent wrestling federation known as the House Of Hardcore...and we nearly took over!  The Mac Foundation annihilated most of the competition...but just as they were about to get their hands on WWE Hall-Of-Fame tag-team, the Rock 'N' Roll Express, ECW's legendary Sandman showed up to protect them!  So, I'm issuing a challenge!  We'll get you, Rock 'N' Roll Express!!  If it's the last thing we do!!!

- Davey Mac

by Dave

I Believe In You.

The Dave Man believes in you.  

And that's all you need to know.

What are you waiting for?

Let's GO!

by Dave