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EXCLUSIVE Footage Of Father David & Co. Putting The Boots To Tony Atlas!

We here at ESDC have obtained exclusive video footage of Father David, “The Organist”, and “South Side Slugger” Tony Graves eviscerating WWE Hall-Of-Famer, “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas at IWF Firepower on October 11th! You can clearly see us dominating Atlas! However, we ended up LOSING the match! How, you ask? Because the so-called “Mr. USA” CHEATED! THAT’S how! We will open an investigation into this match! You haven’t heard the last of Father David! AMEN!

The Yankees Need To Tap Into The Dark Side.

The Yankees are down two games to one in the American League Championship Series to the Houston Astros. The Astros are quite good. The Yankees need to discover their Sith past…and use the Dark Side of the Force to defeat Houston. And that is rational analysis from the “Sports Master”…….Mr. ”East Side” Dave McDonald. You’re welcome.

- Dave

The EAST SIDE DAVE SHOW Returns On October 22nd!!

Listen up, East Side Davidians! The glorious East Side Dave Show (a.k.a. “The Greatest Program In The Galaxy”) is OFF this week! But…we WILL be back on on Tuesday, October 22nd, at 7 PM (EST)!! Until then…binge-watch the #ESDS in the On-Demand Section on and experience the most amazing show ever! YES!

Let's CRUSH This Week!

We shall dominate these next seven days like the Apocalyptic Beasts that we are.

For we are the Saviors of the Universe, daddy.


See Father David & The Organist On FRIDAY!

In the name of the Father…and of the son…wrestling is going down on FRIDAY…come and get some! Father David and “The Organist” are going to lead their best pupil…the religious “South Side Slugger” Tony Graves…to a spiritual salvation on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11TH, when Graves sends his opponent, WWE Hall-Of-Famer, Tony “Mr. USA” Atlas, straight to HELL!! It’s all going down in Wayne, New Jersey at IWF’s Firepower!! Visit for info and tickets! We’re gonna make Tony Atlas REPENT for his sins!! AMEN!!


Hello. I’m Dave. And tennis is my middle name. Davey “Tennis” Mac. (F)ACE.

A New Episode Of The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show Is In The Ring!

BAM! The East Side Dave And Son Wrestling Show has entered the ring and is taking no prisoners! NOW available in the Wrestling Show section on this site! Listen to “the number one father/son wrestling podcast in the Universe” right now as they preview the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, discuss Smackdown’s debut on FOX, and talk a little trash on one another! It’s sixteen minutes of no-holds-barred, insane action! Hear this excellent episode right now in the Wrestling Show section on this site! BOOM!

The Dave Man Scores The Winning Touchdown!

This is what it looks like when you put a killer spin-move on your opponent and score the game-winning touchdown. This is what success looks like. This is what athletic domination looks like. You’re welcome.